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I wish it was 1998 and i was in an obscure screamo band.

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June Paik - Grobes Rund

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Me and Dex after a hard day. 

Me and Dex after a hard day. 

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Tantum - Nothing Will Be Ever. 

So, here is one of the tracks from my side project. More of a harsh noise thing really, hopefully once i get more material i will put something out for you all. 


New project.

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Last year i attempted a destroyed film project. The unused film was left over night in a small bath of vinegar, lemon juice and some olive oil. The best of the results were good.

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New Altered Beast t-shirt.

New Altered Beast t-shirt.

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Ghostlimb at the Kulturpalast, Wiesbaden, 19/06/2009.

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if Neptune, Saturn, and Jupiter were as close as the moon

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